Cut paper collage and acrylic gouache
24” x 27”

Wycinanki – Traditional

These papercuts are inspired by Wycinanki, the Polish folk art. They are created by first cutting out the intricate black supporting frame and internal black background features. It is important that this black frame and internal design elements are connected in such a way that it supports itself when lifted. All colored areas are then glued on top of this black support. That is why all of these elements; plants, birds and trees have a black outline. Once this is completed, and the image is supported in one piece, it can be transferred and attached to a white background paper.

Wycinanki – Breaking The Border

In these papercuts I expanded the expressive possibilities of Wycinanki by departing from it’s traditional symmetry and having the subject break out the border.


Paintings in Cut Paper

In these collages I have more to say and need a visually richer and more complex approach. Using similar tools… paint bushes and acrylic paint to create colored papers, pencil, scissors, knives and glue, I cut and layer shapes until I arrive at the visual harmony l am looking for. The indirectness and precision of this process appeals to me. It gives me time to get it right.



I paint traditionally when I decide that a given texture or subject is too complicated, time-consuming or contrived to do in cut paper.